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What is included in our CBD Merchant Services

Published July 21st, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

Our CBD Merchant Services are one of very few available today, to truly serve CBD vendors. It can be difficult for people who work in the Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) or Cannabis related business to be able to open a merchant account due to the fact they are more often than not labelled as being ‘high risk’.

Due to the fact that banks and other financial institutions usually categorise CBD merchants and other businesses in the CBD and hemp market, as ‘high risk’, it can be nigh on impossible for them to be allowed to open a merchant account – or if they can, not to be faced with high charges for using their services.

The Solution

Due to this unfortunate situation, a lot of companies in the CBD and hemp business had to resort to more underhand and less transparent payment processing methods. Luckily there is now a solution, and that is CBD Merchant Services. CBD Merchant Services act as your merchant account, allowing businesses in the industry to legally, honestly and transparently process credit card payments.

This means that businesses can focus on growing their business coming from the same starting point as other businesses, without the extra worry. Our merchant bank services include accounts for three different type of business – retail (in physical premises), businesses that function through phone and mail order, and e-commerce – businesses which are run online. Our customers include distributors, manufacturers, extractors, retailers, vape stores, growers and much more and we pride ourselves in helping businesses in the CBD and hemp world to explore sales channels that they have never thought of before and see their businesses going from strength to strength.

Our CBD Merchant Services

We endeavour to help our clients to explore new income channels as well as offer a safe and secure payment process which will enhance your business, help it to grow and grow with it.

Our specific service that we provide is that we can process your card payments for you giving your business the very best chance to grow and expand legally and transparently.

Some of the benefits of using CBD Merchant services include:

  • We are a reliable, honest, transparent and trustworthy company who can help yours to become the same.
  • We are secure, as are all of our services, using all the latest information and technology to be PCI compliant with the latest securities to deter fraud.
  • Our services are cost effective with competitive industry rates.
  • We are scalable, with the ability to grow alongside your business.

Our services are all specifically designed to be used by businesses in the CBD and hemp industry as this is where our expertise lie. Although the CBD and hemp industry is still new, we have experience in similar markets such as the vape and e-cigarette markets which have grown in a way that we are expecting this one to.

It is essential that businesses these days can process credit and debit card payments to be able to maintain themselves and grow. Our services as a CBD merchant account are perfect to allow you to do that and focus on growing your business to gain the success that you deserve.

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