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Cannabis Dispensary Payment Processing Solutions

Secure Payment Solutions for DispensariesSecure Payment Solutions for Dispensaries

Accept Credit/Debit Cards with Competitive Rates

CBD Merchant Account offers specialized payment processing solutions for cannabis and CBD dispensaries. Our dispensary merchant accounts enable you to accept all major credit and debit cards, providing a convenient and secure payment experience for your customers.

  • Competitive service fees for dispensary payment processing
  • Next-day deposits for improved cash flow
  • Real-time transaction reporting and ledger updates
  • Efficient and user-friendly payment terminals
  • No early termination fees or penalties

Benefits of Our Dispensary Payment Solutions

Our Dispensary Payment ProcessingTraditional ATM
Instant, cashless transactionsCash must be withdrawn and handled
Encourages higher spending with credit/debit card acceptanceLimited cash availability discourages purchases
Accept all major card types for increased customer convenienceNon-acceptance of credit cards can deter customers
No transaction limits, direct deposits to your bank accountATMs run out of cash and require costly maintenance
Competitive service fees, option to pass on to customersHigh ATM withdrawal fees, paid by customers
Profitable payment solution for your businessATM companies profit, not your business
Cancel anytime with no penaltiesLong-term contracts with early termination fees

Partner with CBD Merchant Account for reliable cannabis dispensary payment processing, marijuana dispensary merchant accounts, CBD dispensary payment gateways, and more. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the cannabis and CBD industry. Contact us today at 818-577-7894 to learn more about our merchant account solutions for dispensaries.

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