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The Best CBD Payment Processor

Published June 28th, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

Hemp and CBD Payment Processor

If you’re running CBD business – you need a CBD payment processor, this is as simple as that. People who work in the CBD and hemp industry are beginning to reap the benefits of changes in the law, making it easier for them to work, grow, manufacture and of course sell their products. However, there are still some obstacles which can get in the way and inhibit the success of these businesses.

The CBD and hemp industry is already seeing massive changes as the world begins to wake up to the potential of hemp and CBD as a product – with products such as paper, clothing and fuel more commonly sold, it being seen as eco-friendly and of course the rise in research which is showing the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and CBD.

Payment Processing Services

Despite all of this positive press and increasingly better reputation, some of the biggest challenges which are faced by CBD and hemp businesses are those created by the financial institutions. As part of their self-protection measures, industries or businesses which present a certain level of risk to them can be refused certain services. In the case of a hemp and CBD business, the risk is seen as the industry not having a substantial history to go on, as well as it’s dubious (yet now unwarranted) reputation. And by being labelled as ‘high risk’ by the financial institutions, it means that a CBD or hemp related business will have a hard time finding reliable CBD payment processor or opening an honest hemp merchant account.

A merchant account is the account which businesses need for them to be able to process card payments This means that many businesses simply go ‘underground’. After all, it is impossible that in this day and age, for a business to be able to be successful if they couldn’t pass card payments. By looking for underhand ways to process card payments, businesses are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, just for wanting to run a successful business.

The Solution

Luckily, there is now a solution for these CBD and hemp businesses, and that is CBD Merchant Account. We offer the best solution for your company. We’ll provide you with a merchant account and designated CBD payment processor, effectively bridging the gap between your company and your bank account so that you can legally, securely and transparently process card payments.

We have meticulously built up strong and trusting relationships with banks, which allows us to help CBD and cannabis businesses stay on the right side of the law, process payments officially via CBD payment processor, be transparent and use this money to grow their business. We can help your business grow and ensure that our system accompanies you and your company.

When you are starting a CBD and hemp business, how you are going to be paid legally and transparently is a big problem and to have CBD Merchant Account available is a huge weight lifted off. It means that you can run, grow, and report your business just like any other, which is a huge relief, as well as being fairer and central to the growth of the CBD and hemp industry as a whole.

If you would like more information about the best CBD payment processor out there (yours truly) and payment processing services offered by us get in touch today! Call us now at (866) 464-6590 and apply for CBD merchant account for your Hemp Oil, cannabis manufacturing or distribution business. Check out what we can do for your business!

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