Payment Processing Solutions for CBD Merchants

Published August 31st, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

Cannabis and CBD Payment Processing Solutions

People who are involved in the hemp and CBD oil business often find that they come up against obstacles when it comes to the financial side of running their business. The fact that the industry is a new one, has moved over from being illegal to legal, and is not very well understood, means that banks and financial institutions are reluctant to give hemp and CBD merchants the same support and benefits as other businesses in different industries, making finding dependable CBD payment processing solutions very difficult.

CBD Oil and Hemp

Medical research shows a growing number of benefits to consuming CBD oil – the non-psychoactive oil which is made from extracts of the cannabis plant. It is now being used to treat a number of illness and ailments including epileptic seizures, anxiety, inflammation and nausea. Hemp is also derived from the marijuana plant and the fibrous substance can be used to make a whole range of products, from fabric, to paper to beauty products.

High Risk Merchants

Banks and financial institutions often label hemp and CBD merchants as high risk businesses. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that it is relatively unknown industry and there is a certain amount of insecurity when it comes to financial matters. The problem with being labelled a high risk business is that banks and financial institutions can make it more difficult to process in store card payments or online transactions. To be able to process these payments, businesses need to have a merchant account. CBD Industry Companies are left with two options; Don’t accept card payments at all, or look for an underhand way to accept and process card payments. Of course, the second option isn’t recommended, so CBD oil and hemp businesses are often left without being able to accept card payments or process online transactions for their merchandise – which means it can be difficult to maintain, let alone grow your business.

CBD Payment Processing Solutions

The best payment processing options for this type of problem is to use a dedicated to CBD and Hemp industry merchant services provider such as CBD Merchant Account. We essentially operate as your merchant account, and will provide a payment processing solutions for your CBD or Cannabis shop or CBD ecommerce website. We have worked tirelessly to build strong and trusting relationships with the financial institutions to get the best rates for your business.

Our systems are completely transparent and secure meaning that you can process your payments with honesty and safely, giving your business the best chance possible for success. Our systems are all set up to specialise in the CBD oil and hemp industry and specifically to grow alongside your business.

The payment processing for CBD Oil and Hemp industry in general, can be very difficult but with CBD Merchant Account the procedure is actually very simple. For more information about the services that we offer to business in the industry, get in touch today.

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