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Dedicated to Cannabis Merchant Account Services

Published September 16th, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

Are you looking for reliable payment processing solutions from someone who is dedicated to cannabis merchant account services? For any cannabis related business owners – look no further. CBD Merchant Account Company can give you the ideal solution to your payment processing problems.

Here at CBD Merchant Account, we understand the difficulties which you face as a business in the world of Cannabis and CBD. We understand that although attitudes are changing – and what you do is, of course, completely legal, there is still a lot of stigma attached to the industry – especially amongst financial institutions, and this can mean that some things that for other businesses might be straightforward, suddenly become difficult and full of obstacles.

Cannabis Merchants are ‘High Risk‘

Many businesses in the world of CBD and hemp are consequently labelled as ‘high risk’ due to the very nature of the business, and by categorizing your business as ‘high risk’, banks and other financial institutions are automatically making it more difficult for your business to function as smoothly as it could – and should. We understand that one of the most serious consequences for the future of your business is that by being placed as ‘high risk’ it is nigh on impossible to open a merchant account and therefore accept and process card payments. And by not being able to accept or process card payments means that it is difficult to function in everyday business in a physical area, but also extremely difficult to run and build a business online. It is such a problem that a lot of business are having to turn to underhand methods just to be able to keep their businesses afloat – which is disappointing, as most businesses are forced to do this out of necessity, their only wish to be able to run their businesses transparently an honestly.

CBD and Hemp Businesses

We understand that there are a whole range of CBD and hemp businesses who are feeling the strains of working in this field, from CBD e-liquid producers, extractors, processors, bottlers, retailers, growers, vape stores, head shops, distributors, to wholesalers and online resellers amongst others, all in need of dedicated to cannabis merchant account services. And they all have similar problems…

CBD & Cannabis Merchant Account Services

We can help your CBD or hemp business by giving you a merchant account service, allowing you and your business to process card payments just like any other business. It means that you can accept one of the world’s most common payment methods without paying extortionate rates, or having to bend the rules, giving you the opportunity to run and grow your business legally, honestly and transparently.

We have forged strong and trusting relationships with banks and financial institutions giving you the opportunities and benefits of a merchant account or payment processing for your Hemp or CBD related business. Our services make processing card payments for cannabis products easy and absolutely reliable; helping grow your business as it goes from strength to strength. The Cannabis industry is a young and exciting one, and here at CBD Merchant Account we believe that it has a bright future, and that those people trying to make a business out of it are worth investing in.

For more information about how we can help you or with any questions regarding our reliable cannabis merchant account services, give us a call at 1(866) 464-6590.

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