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CBD Merchants Payment Gateway

Published October 11th, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

Solutions for CBD Merchants Looking for a Payment Gateway

CBD merchants payment gateway is necessary to run any online shopping website with CBD related merchandise. In the United States Cannabis and CBD merchants are always coming up against obstacles and one of the most common is finding a payment gateway which allows them to process card payments. Whilst the CBD and cannabis market is growing by the day, it still suffers from the fact that it is a relatively taboo subject and an industry that a lot of people still don’t really know anything about.

Cannabis industry merchants understand about the benefits of the CBD, not just for those who are sick, but also for healthy people. And as time goes by we are continuously being told about new properties in the cannabis plants which are beneficial to people. The fact that there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the plant is unfortunate, but it is a battle that is being won. As an increased number of people are seeing the medicinal benefits to cannabis, demand is increasing and we are seeing more websites legally selling marijuana, CBD and its derivatives, as well other related products online, which is impossible without dedicated to CBD payment gateway.

Payment Processing Problems for CBD Merchandise

One of the biggest issues which these businesses are facing, is the processing of payments. Options to obtain CBD merchants payment gateway are very limited as banks and other financial institutions are cautious about their dealings in the industry. They weigh up the risks involved in helping to finance businesses in the world of cannabis and CBD oil, and will normally place a business under the category of ‘high risk’.

This normally comes as a combination of a lack of real understanding of a new and still rather taboo industry, but also complicated payment processing laws about buying illegal substances. As a result of this, many CBD merchants are unable to process card payments online or at all, even though their business is completely legal and above board.

CBD Merchants Payment Gateway

Here at CBD Merchant Account we can offer CBD merchants a payment gateway which will allow them to process card payments online in a legal, honest and transparent way. It means that you can operate easily online, and give your business is general a higher chance of making a success of itself.

We have meticulously built up strong and trusting relationships with banks so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of a merchant account – card processing without extortionate fees and charges. This can be done with no underhand techniques, transparently and with integrity – just how most company owners want to conduct their business.

We offer a safe, secure service, helping to protect against fraud, reliably and we are completely scalable meaning that we can accompany you as your business grows from strength to strength. Our team here at CBD Merchant Account has been in the industry or similar industries for years, have a good understanding of how it works and are dedicated to helping legal and legitimate CBD merchants running, growing and prospering in the way that they deserve.

If you are a CBD merchant running online shop or business and you are dedicated to making your business blossom, give us a call today at 1(866) 464-6590 to discuss how we can help you setup CBD merchants payment gateway for your website or any online business.

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