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CBD Merchant Account Shut Down?

Published March 14th, 2019 by CBD Merchant Account

Will get you back up in no time.

Direct To Bank. Over 8 Years. Make This Your Last Account. Timely Approval.

Recurring Billing, Trial Offer, Click Funnel, Flexible Rates, Fully-Transparent, MLM, Domestic and International. Call Today.

Streamlined, Advance Technology Bitcoin Merchant Account

This is Advanced Technology streamlining the process where your customers can utilize most any E-Wallet such as Cashapp, Alipay, WeChat Pay and many others.  If they do not have an e-wallet, they would click on a link and use their debit card for funding. Immediate approval. 

Funds are settled in all currencies immediately in real-time. This would be great for your EU Business.  The fee is only 2.75%. For the majority of accounts. No transaction fees no monthly fees, no reserves or termination fees. 

System will not allow chargebacks.  Incentivizing customers with a discount for check out utilizing this form of payment while saving you thousands in fees. You will receive $15,000 in free processing.  Integrates into any shopping cart. Approval is 1 to 2 days for KYC only.  No credit checks.  I would like to set up a conference call with you and a partner of the company for a demo.

From online gaming, online gambling in any country, CBD, Adult, Kratom, Peptides and any other High-risk vertical will be approved. Great for low risk as well. 

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