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Cannabis Payment Solutions

Published September 25th, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

Cannabis Card Payment Solutions

Are you running a hemp or CBD related business and are looking for cannabis payment solutions? Here at CBD Merchant Account we understand about the obstacles which are in place for people who operate within the world of cannabis, hemp and CBD. 

The Cannabis and Hemp Industry

The cannabis and hemp industry is one of the most exciting, up and coming industries in the country at the moment. With the changes in the law alongside the continual scientific research into medical cannabis and its effect on our health, we are seeing an industry which is growing and set to continue to do so. Cannabis, CBD oil and THC are all being recognized for the medicinal merits that they carry, and businesses are continuing to come up with new ways to consume them without having to smoke – such as vaping, food, oils and drops. Different strains are better for different situations, so we are seeing a wide diversity of different products which are currently available and which are going to be available in the near future.

Cannabis Payment Solutions and merchant services

Businesses within the cannabis industry are currently being labelled by banks and other financial institutions as ‘high risk’, making finding cannabis payment solutions very difficult for them.

The ‘high risk’ label means that companies within this industry cannot have access to a Merchant Account, meaning that it is nigh on impossible to process card payments, either at all, or at least without paying high rates. This, of course is no problem if you only intend to accept cash payments, but in today’s day and age, businesses which don’t accept cards can find themselves severely disadvantaged. To be able to operate online, for example, it is almost essential that you can process credit and debit card payments. 

CBD Merchant Account Can Help Your Business!

Here at CBD Merchant Account we can offer cannabis payment solutions so that any businesses within the hemp and CBD industry can easily process these card payments, and collect money for their merchandise. We act literally as a merchant account, offering secure, legal, reliable, cost effective and scalable payment processing services so that businesses in the cannabis industry can also stay secure, honest, transparent and legal.

Whereas in the past, businesses in the cannabis industry who have wanted – or needed – to process card payments, have had to look for alternative, more underhand ways of conducting their business, with CBD Merchant Account, you can operate your business in an open, honest and completely legal manner.

This is not only good for a business but also gives you a legitimate and more realistic chance of growing your business. And we can grow alongside you, as well as help your business with the obstacles which are thrown into your path as you grow, giving you and your business every opportunity for success.

We have worked tirelessly to build strong and trusting relationships with banks and financial institutions to give our clients the best service available and we are dedicated to helping the cannabis industry with the best payment solutions for them. If you have a business in the cannabis, CBD or hemp industry and are looking for help with payment solutions, call us on 1(866) 464-6590 to find out how we can help.

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