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Accept Card Payments at Your Marijuana Dispensary

Published October 5th, 2016 by CBD Merchant Account

How to Accept Card Payments at Marijuana Dispensary Business

Do you have a MMJ business but cannot accept card payments at marijuana dispensary? We understand about the problems faced by completely legal businesses, such as marijuana dispensaries when it comes to dealing with financial institutions for purposes such as processing credit card payments.

Processing Card Payments for Cannabis Businesses

When banks and other financial institutions are considering how to deal with businesses, they look at a number of factors, including the industry that the business is in, and the potential risk that there is to their investments. Unfortunately, the world of CBD, marijuana and hemp is still legally, a young business, with a taboo attached, and often misunderstood, and because of this, businesses such as marijuana dispensaries are often labelled as ‘high risk’.

One of the consequences of a ‘high risk’ label is that merchant account facilities are not offered to these businesses, meaning that it is impossible to accept card payments at marijuana dispensary business – or any other company within the same industry. The marijuana and CBD industry is fast growing and with increasing amounts of money and time being spent on the medicinal properties of cannabis in particular, we are not only seeing more and more health benefits to the cannabis plant, we are seeing an industry which is growing steadily and looking set to grow even more.

Accept Card Payments at Marijuana Dispensary with CBD Merchant Account!

Due to the fact that so many people choose to pay for almost everything by credit card – especially online, the fact that you cannot accept card payments can put your business at a considerable disadvantage. It is, after all, difficult enough to start and maintain a business, without the extra issue of not being able to accept card payments.

In fact, the problem is so big, that a lot of businesses have found themselves looking for underhand or even illegal ways to process cannabis & CBD card payments. Most business owners want to conduct themselves legally, honestly and transparently and this issue was taking some of them over to the ‘dark side’.

Thankfully, there is now a solution, CBD Merchant Account – you can accept cannabis card payments legally using our merchant services. We have built strong and trusting relationships with the banks and financial institutions, enabling you, through us, to be able to accept card payments at marijuana dispensary. Here at CDB Merchant Account, we act as your merchant account processing service, in a reliable, secure, cost effective and scalable manner. This means that we can forge strong relationships with you as a business, and help to grow, as well as grow alongside you, in a fair, transparent, honest, and legal way.

As a company who is dedicated to the legal cannabis industry, we have specialist knowledge of what is required and are here to help businesses like yours to thrive. We want honest people working in the CBD and hemp industry and understand that we will only get this by helping businesses to operate in an honest manner. If you have a marijuana dispensary and want to be able to accept card payments, give us a call here at CBD Merchant Account, on 1(866) 464-6590 today.

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